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Over the last few months I have had a number of enquiries from small business owners that were seeking to make a change to their current Accountant. When asked as to why they were looking to switch, there were a variety of factors that they had taken into account but the underlying issue was that they were simply unhappy with the level of service that they were paying for.

Unhappy with your Accountant?

Here are some of the other issues that they considered before they made the switch.

The ‘Once a year’ Accountant

Almost all of the business owners complained that their Accountants would only contact them once towards the end of each year, just ahead of the tax return deadline. Thereby offering them very little support throughout the year.

Fail to stick to deadlines

A couple of business owners mentioned that they had received financial penalties from HMRC as a result of their Accountants simply forgetting to file returns on time.

Being passed over

One Accountant outsourced the clients’ accounts to some one cheaper. So they were paying a premium for a qualified accountant but their work was carried out by a junior bookkeeper from a different business and on 2 occasions resulted in their returns being prepared inaccurately.

Too technical

They didn’t feel that they could ask simple questions to their accountant because the Accountant was often too technical and struggled to put things into context for someone from a non-financial background.

They didn’t ‘get’ me?

The client was often treated in a standard manner, as the Accountant never took the time to understand them and their business and as a result they were unable to add any value to their clients’ business.

The ‘Over-promise and Under-deliver’ Accountant

Another common issue often encountered with many accountants is that they offer a specific service to their clients. However, they then often fall short of expectations by failing to do what was initially agreed, which can leave the client feeling like they have been ‘ripped off’.

Crazy Fees and Hidden costs

There are a lot of Accountants out there who will agree a fee up front and they will be clear on what you are paying for. Yet there are many that do not operate that way and they go on to bill clients for unexpected charges.


Despite being unhappy with their current Accountant, many clients still choose to stick with them. Whether they feel a sense of loyalty towards them or they just simply don’t know how to leave them. They continue to settle for an unsatisfactory service.


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